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Elderwise at the Creature Conservancy

The Creature Conservancy, located on Ann Arbor-Saline Road, was our choice for the first tour of the Elderwise Fall program. In early September Elderwise members visited the conservancy, whose mission is to work within the community to create personal connections between people, animals and their shared environment. The conservancy is home to a variety of animals, many of them having been rescued or found injured and unable to return to their natural habitat. The conservancy now has an experienced pool of “animal ambassadors”, appearing with their handlers in presentations designed to excite, inspire and promote learning about the earth’s inhabitants.

Poco the SlothPoco, the two-toed sloth, left, was rescued from a trailer park and now holds an important teaching job as an example of a poorly chosen pet.

Poco has also become the proud father of a three week old baby sloth. Congratulations Poco!




Members also got to meet Bedhead the African Crested Porcupine, who spent his entire time working out how to raid the the kitchen for sweet potatoes. Tulip the Red Kangaroo appeared with her ‘mom’ – a soft purse which had once been her nursing pouch! Max the Possum made an appearance draped like a scarf around his handler’s neck, and finally Arthur the Emu strutted around, expertly grabbing greens from his handler’s back pocket, and brazenly outstaring everyone in the room.

The animal handlers were a source of great knowledge about their individual charges, and made our afternoon at the conservancy both informative and a whole lot of fun!

You can find more information about the Creature Convervancy at

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